Your Love Will Never Grow

Jeremy Brown has given us a book that reminds us to go back to what God says is the basis of love. He shows us through God’s light what it means to share love with someone, harness what is already instilled in you, and reevaluate how you have come to understand love after all the years.

There are moments in Your Love Will Never Grow where the message is very poignant and there are even more where you are very uplifted. Overall, you will be very moved once you start to recognize the love in yourself and yourself as love. Those conceptual struggles are broken down in this book.

Jeremy Brown writes from a very personal place, and you can tell that he has spent a lot of time devoting himself to this. It is never too late to come to a greater understanding, so I would recommend this for anyone who is ready for everything they know to be challenged. I don’t go out “looking” for love anymore. I’ll let “Your Love Will Never Grow” by Jeremy Brown tell you why that is so.