With Puppets Worldwide On Tour – New Calendar 2015

15 years worldwide on the go with our puppets and not one “Uncanny Valley”.

While audiences can be unforgiving about flaws in the nonverbal behavior of humanoid robots, the realistic touch to our performances has prevented any such encounters. A phenomenon described by Masahiro Mori ,”Uncanny Valley” stands for a general, empirically measurable, paradoxical effect on the response to artificial figures presented to an audience. We have reached quite the opposite effect with our artificial figures in the last 15 years. The moment our puppets, for example, defy gravity, we find that even this unnatural act is met by obvious consent . Perhaps this is due to the fact that the puppet-maker Sölk H. Schulze has always added a certain element of abstraction to our puppets which in cooperation with our realistic way of performing continues to fascinate our audiences.
The aim of this campaign is to finance the wall calendar for 2015. But not only financial support, orders and pre-orders are possible. You can also actively participate in continue reading…