We Were Liars by E. Lockhart – Book Review

This book was an emotional journey for me. It made me happy, sad, and every emotion in between. I consider this book an absolute eye opener on numerous topics related to life; that for me as a teen was mind-boggling and surprising. We Were Liars is the perfect book (after reading) to reflect on when you need to think or just simply feel. In my opinion this story should be required for everyone to read so that we all can get an understanding on life, emotions, and the journey through life.

We Were Liars is the novel based on the Sinclair family. They are a family that has money, perfect social image, good looks, and an island. This island is where the majority of book takes place because every summer the family goes there and vacations. Cadence Sinclair tells the story of how one summer spent there with her adored cousins (self titled The Liars) when she was fifteen she suffered an accident. Cadence can’t remember anything about it nor the summer spent before it. All she knows was that she was left in the water with hardly anything on and has been suffering severe headaches ever since. During her 16th year which is her first year back at the island she tries to discover what happened. Can she every find out the truth and can she stand to learn it? Check out the book from your nearest library or buy from here.


I give this book 5 stars! I honestly think it changed my life (corny I know ). It brought so much insight about how I see things and how I think about myself. I recommend this book to everyone who comes across it and hope they enjoy it as much as I did.