Water 4 Felele

Everyone deserves clean water. Here’s your chance to help.

Water 4 Felele: Many of the services we take for granted in the developed world are luxuries for millions of people. For example dirt or gravel roads riddled with potholes, medical services many hundreds of kilometres away from a village and sparse electrical services are the norm across much of the world.

While it is true that many of these are relatively recent phenomenon, it would be difficult to argue the importance of clean drinking water. People and livestock simply cannot survive without it.

I am currently doing on a National youth service Corps program (NYSC) as part of my gap year project after the successful completion of a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at University of Roehampton, UK. During my National service program I have found myself in the village of Felele-Owere in Kogi State Nigeria. The water well although not dry is undrinkable continue reading