Upcoming “The 5th Wave” Movie!!



This highly anticipated movie is based on Rick Yancey’s novel ” The 5th Wave”. Like many other teen fiction novels before it, it goes to say this will be an sold out event. More and more producers are figuring out the trend of books turned movies and seeing how successful they are e.g. The Hunger Games, Divergent Series, and Harry Potter. The theme in all those were that they have a lot of teens reading, are series, and can make serious cash. Personally I can’t wait for this movie to come out since I have read the book and because I enjoyed it immensely. Some drawbacks that I am expecting are though is the director isn’t going to “translate” well into a film. More often than not book have horrible movie that go along with them ( I mean have you seen Eragon?). Well with my fingers crossed I’ll wait and see what is in store for me.