Unwell by Marie Chow

Unwell gave me a strong stirring from the moment I began reading. It reads like it comes out of an entirely different time period. To a great extent I felt at times moved and at other times deeply disturbed. Readers have to be ready for a roller coaster of emotions and times where you will sit and question how minor your own troubles seem.

The author, Marie Chow, is a talented and unwavering writer. I’ve never read something so powerful. The book will hit you like a brick wall yet you won’t be able to put it down. Unwell simply can not be categorized. However, it still manages to stand out as a game-changing piece of literary fiction. This body of work successfully integrates powerful social commentary, individual decision-making in high-risk circumstances, and cultural commentary in a masterful way. Take heed, and pause, but do not hesitate to read Unwell by Marie Chow.