Underwear, Tees + Sweats Made in Canada & USA: de la COMMUNE

Please take a look at this new Kickstarter, Underwear, Tees & Sweats Made in Canada & USA: de la COMMUNE…

A new mens premium brand focused on 3 factors: Design, Quality and fabric while producing everything in North America!

A COMMUNE is a group of people sharing common lives, interests, ideas and beliefs. de la COMMUNE is french for “from the COMMUNE or community”

When Daniel and I first met over 5 years ago, we clicked and both knew we wanted to do something together in the fashion industry. Our story starts in July 2013 when searching for the perfect name for our brand. It hit Daniel like a bolt of lightening, “de la COMMUNE”. We were going to pour our hearts and souls into this brand and make sure that it supported the people around us, our community in Canada and the USA. The name made perfect sense as it also Continue Reading on Kickstarter

These are really Nice!!!