Understanding Lung Cancer – Naheed Ali

My heart goes out to all the others out there who are wrestling with this disease or who are sharing the experience with a loved one who is struggling as well. This is an awful disease, so I’m so glad that there is a resource out there that is honest and wants to provide a comprehensible guide to the disease.

The author is absolutely right – Lung Cancer is not just limited to smokers, it affects more people than that. This book has the answers to this devastating mystery. To be from a trusted, M.D. who is well-versed in the subject, has studied it first-hand, and is an undeniable expert, this was the obvious choice to understanding the disease wholly. Dr. Naheed Ali writes from an objective manner, telling the complete truth.

I like that it doesn’t read like a textbook, but doesn’t patronize people who are suffering either. It is detailed and specific, but gives you what you want to know about alleviating symptoms, what makes it more bearable. I just consider this Understanding Lung Cancer: An Introduction for Patients and Caregivers to be indispensable for me and my loved one during this time.