Un-Clutter! 66 Routes to a Freer Life!

This is a problem that many of us have, but don’t know we suffer from it. Not until we move to a new place or do spring cleaning do we realize how stuck with our possessions we are. Dr. Andrew M. Goodman delivers here a novel book that every single family can benefit from reading and applying to our lives. I think this is a great first step in making even grander changes in our lives for the better.

Un-Clutter is exactly what the doctor ordered! You don’t have to be a hoarder or a pack rat to benefit from removing the clutter from your life. Personally, I started small using some of the simpler tips in the book and became more confident to make drastic changes. I’m happier for the better. Not only is my home better off, but my mental state is new and fresh. I think my memory has improved, my mood has lightened, and I finally know the exact location of all of my belongings. Un-clutter! 66 Routes to a Freer Life was one of my best book decisions.