Tool2Find GPS Tracker

Tool2Find: Your Nr. 1 GPS tracker! Stop losing

Tool2Find: never lose your loved ones! Know where they are whenever you want! Your Nr.1 GPS tracker:

“Over 2000 children go missing every day, and that’s not all…Pets run off… Elderly and mentally disabled people get lost and how many times do we forget where we parked our car?”

This is all history now. Tool2Find is a small GPS device that helps you find it all; your children, grandfather, dog, car and even your luggage. The Tool works independent with its own GPS and GPRS connection, no need for other people’s smartphones to find what you are looking for.

Tool2Finds unique silicone bumper makes the device multi applicable, protects it and makes it look and feel great.

Unlike other trackers, the Tool2Find isn’t a device depending continue reading…