Theme Bar with Adult Entertainment

Theme Bar with Adult Entertainment

We have a large theatre scene here in brisbane, ranging from dance to plays, we would like to open a themed bar. We will do events on Friday and Saturday nights that change each week and will consist of dance and plays, some of which will be adult entertainment as there is a very large call for that also. We will also have a VIP membership available for those that wish to become members. Members will get cheaper drinks and cheaper cover charges to get in. Also members will be invited to member only nights and access to equipment and other things at a cheaper rate.

We will be requiring a fair few staff for this business which will open job opportunities and being that we will be the only one in brisbane to have a themed bar like ours, it will be a definite success!

Let me tell you about myself,

My name is Luke, I am 28, I was a chef for 2 years when i finished school. I enjoyed the hospitality industry but being 19 I wanted a social life and the split shit 7 days was not ideal.

I moved onto do I.T for 8 years as I am a huge technology fiend. After 4 years I was a little more mature and wanted to get back into hospitality