The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima: Book Review


To me I feel like this book should be the poster image or example for all teenage fantasy fiction books out there. The Warrior Heir books has magic, romance, sports, and it involves explicit fights. The author, Cinda Williams Chima, has certainly set the bar with this novel and her original ideas regarding magic and the modern age will leave you astonished. So this story is about a boy named Jack Swift who lives in a small college town named Trinity, Ohio.

Jack is an warrior heir, which means he is had considerable physical talents. The other magical guilds include the wizard, enchanter, soothsayer, sorcerer heir. Each guild has different magical talents that goes with them, and the Weir gifted are determined by their ancestors. Each person that is gifted has a stone behind their heart (called the Weirstone) that determines what part of the guild they’ll belong to and what kind of talents they possess. The only thing different about Jack is when he was just a baby he had his Weirstone missing and the doctor Jessamine Longbranch implanted a warrior stone in him hoping he could play in the Game for her. ┬áThe only reason Jack hasn’t shown any abilities yet is because Longbranch had him under a medicine they supressed them. Then one day Jack forgets to take his medicine and he feels more stronge and confident. Then he almost kills a boy at soccer practice and things go downhill from there. After Jack learns all about the magical guilds and the place he holds in the world. He knows he has to compete in the Game (a battle to the death between the two house, White Rose and Red Rose) when both are vying for him to fight for them. Read to find about if Jack survives the Game and all the crazy things that happens along the way.