The Visionary

It is so vitally important that a historical fiction book maintains its historical and cultural accuracy to a tee. I was so pleased in reading The Visionary Mayan Queen because it does just that. It brought in accurate facts, timelines, and lineage into a body of work that really allows its readers to immerse itself. For me, this is much more satisfying than reading an encyclopedia or biography, because it allows for that creative component to see these historical figures as actual people. The characters in this book brought that home and really hit a bulls-eye with the quality.

I highly recommend this book. The ancient Mayan culture doesn’t get enough credit as it deserves. This book brings so much justice to them in a powerful and uplifting way. Yohl Ik’nal comes to life and I’m happy that the author, Leonide Martin chose to bring this well-written body of work to eager readers. Please read and enjoy for yourself!