The Social Tigress

The Social Tigress impressed me in a number of ways. I found that nearly all of the advice challenged a lot of preconceptions about dating and flirting, while also allowing a woman not to compromise the important things she looks for in a guy. Many of these factors are universal – but they change based on where we are in life or what we are looking for in a given moment.

The author, Gregg Michaelson, shares his expertise generously. You can tell that he’s spent the time and devised his own conclusions about how to navigate this game out there. I love that The Social Tigress talks to real, mature, and individual women. It speaks to a very adult audience while also being able to keep the allure and excitement you feel about dating in your 20s. I consider this to be a compelling body of work that will help women dramatically, and be tons of fun to talk about further with your girlfriends! See for yourself, The Social Tigress: Dating Advice for Women to Attract Men and Get a Boyfriend! (Dating and Relationship Advice for Women).