The Mother Lode Manifesto

A good choice for any mother who is having critical thoughts about their life and contemplating making a dramatic change is a great target for this book. It’s about no longer taking a back seat as life gets thrown at you. We are only human, and we don’t have to stand by and take all these responsibilities on in complacency. A little bit of initiative can go a long way.

The Mother Lode Manifesto explains and motivates women/mothers on taking the next step. Collectively, we can arrive at a powerful and happier place that makes our lives and the lives of those around us dramatically better. The author, Margie J. Baldock doesn’t paint a picture for us, she gives us the capacity to envision what that picture is we’ve always had, but never conceptually thought it out.

To say this book is revolutionary is spot on – it suggests dramatic cultural and social shifts that we are already heading towards. This book has a special place to help mothers get there. We can be great parents, entrepreneurs, financially independent, happy, and powerful in every and all respects. Baldock doesn’t present this in a romanticized way – but in an entirely plausible way – which I absolutely respect. Mother Lode Manifesto also goes above and beyond to provide extra resources on the website with worksheets and free videos to really go that extra mile. Powerful and revolutionary book for mothers in every respect!