The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness – Book Review

This book is one of my all time favorite. Patrick Ness (the author) weaves everything into it: including action, romance, an dystopian world, and most surprisingly braveness in the face of misfortune.

The Knife of Never Letting Go is about a boy named Todd. He lives on a planet called New World after settlers came there when Earth is ruined. Todd lives in a town called New Prentisstown that is filled with all men. He is close to becoming a man at 13 years old. One day while Todd is in the swamp is hears the impossible, silence, in a world where a man’s thoughts are projected and nothing is private. He goes home and reveals what he saw to his father, Ben. Ben hurriedly tells him to needs to leave thrusting a bag, Ben’s knife, and his Mom’s book (he can’t read) into his arms. You see the Mayor of Prentisstown is leader of it and has control of everything and everyone in the town. So Todd escapes into the swamp with a battle occuring at his house and turns to leave. But not before long trouble meets up with Todd, Aaron the preacher of Prentisstown tries to kill him. Todd narrowly escapes death and runs further along in the swamp. That’s when Todd meets the source of the silence – a girl about his age. Most astonishing is she’s a female and there are more people on the planet than Todd’s small colony.

He was raised to believe that Prentisstown was the only surviving colony on the New World and all the females got killed by a germ (the same one that makes thoughts known). The two pair up to reach their last hope, a large colony named Haven which will hopefully save them from the Mayor and the army racing after them. Read to find out what happens to their relationship and if they can beat the Mayor and succeed in the end. In my opinion this book should be targeted towards the teen fiction readers but adults can enjoy it too.