The Good Guy by Dean Koontz – Book Review

This officially was my first Dean Koontz read! I know tons of people have discovered his incredible talent before me and I know I’m slow on the update 🙁  . But I’m just glad I know of him. This book was very suspenseful and almost had enough close calls to make it a thriller. I know I say this every book review but I LOVED the characters in it. The way they were written made them so compelling and real it was like I was seeing a movie. The way that Koontz subtlety puts in the character of each person makes a person really connect to what they’re reading and get on with the story.

The Good Guy is based on the suspenseful tale of two people; Tim Carrier and  Linda Paquette. The story is told from Tim’s point of view and the book begins with him. It starts with Tim ending his regular day at his good friend’ bar. He is sitting at the very end, nursing a beer, when a man sits down next to him. The talk for a moment and then the man hands him a envelope filled with cash alongside a captivating picture of a woman. The next minute another man who looks creepy sits down to him and speaks in code (killing the woman) wanting his payment. When Tim tries to refuse to give his payment the man doesn’t want that to happen and gets almost threateningly. When Tim figures out that this is a kill for hire, he tracks down the woman (Linda) and they go run away together. Read “The Good Guy” to see whether they can escape being killed and where their relationship will head during the climatic novel. You can check this out at your nearest local library or buy here.

For anyone who loves a suspense story “The Good Guy” is perfect for you. I recommend this book a 5 out of 5 and for basically everyone (maybe advanced for young people). This is a phenomenal read and hope numerous others discover the prodigy that is Dean Koontz.