The Florida Move Guide

The Florida Move Guide is an absolute imperative if you’re considering it. Regardless of what stage you are in your life (retirement, college, job relocation, etc.) you will thank yourself for it. We all understand Florida to be a sort of paradise, but there is a certain level of reality that hits you when you move here. Personally, I did not move again after I moved but it took a lot of commitment.

This book helped me understand how to cope with it. Had I read the book before moving I probably would have stayed in Illinois. That said, the only thing I regret is poor planning on my part. After reading. I felt that the author, Ron Stack, had literally followed me on my move because the course of events he described was right on the ball. I used his expertise to guide my adjustment in the short term, and before I knew it I had become another grumpy Floridian. You just have to weigh your options, and the Florida Move Guide helps you to do just that by telling you the stuff you have yet to hear from your agents/movers/sellers, etc.