The First at Home Cancer Diagnostic Test

The First at Home Cancer Diagnostic Test on Indiegogo.

This is the FIRST at-home cancer testing device. Let’s save lives with rapid, real-time detection.

Genespots™ Healthcare, Inc. offers a breakthrough diagnostic device that tests for specific types of cancers. Using our specialized equipment, known as HEALTHLOGGER, you can monitor your own health from the comfort of your home. HEALTHLOGGER is easy to use. It’s a precise test that is a great way to specifically, rapidly, and affordably test and monitor your health. This real-time monitoring is designed to save your life – and the lives of your loved ones.

oday there are already several traditional technologies available for molecular diagnostic testing. This means that within a sophisticated lab, specially trained staff can use blood or tissue samples to test for a variety of disorders: right down to the molecules and genes! Unfortunately, because of the extensive staff and lab requirements, these tests take a long time and are very expensive.

Thanks to the world of innovation, however, there are newer, more continue reading…