The Academy: Book 1

I have to commend the author’s creative capacity with The Academy. This book has a really dynamic plot and I was really enthralled from the get go on the things I felt like I was encountering for the first time-ever. Asa is a unique teenager, and following Asa as a character was fun. There’s so much mystique behind this secret organization. I’m left with so many questions about what’s going on.

The author, Chad Leito, did a great job of creating that wonder. Is The Academy good or bad? What are they up to? Many clues are throughout, so you can make up your own presumptions. But I’m really interested in reading the next installment. Tons of climactic events throughout, many second guesses. It felt like the ride of a lifetime. The Academy also seamlessly infused themes from other genres like coming-of-age drama, sci-fi fantasy… The descriptors were solid and visually stimulating as well. All around phenomenal body of work with this one.