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Love Pictures And Santa? Come Take A Selfie With Santa Selfie!

Love pictures and Santa? Come take a selfie with Santa Selfie! No more waiting in mall lines to take a quick selfie. Santa Selfie is new fun app that allows you to take pictures with Santa with your own camera phone.

A great way to send to a friend or family member for Christmas or just for fun. Now Santa can take pictures with you, your children or your pets right from where you are.

SantaSelfieSanta Selfie

How to take a selfie, just click and choose the santa image or other fun image you want and press the camera to take a photo. Save, share or continue taking selfies.

This App is available for Android devices in Google Play and will be available soon for iPhones and iPads...

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Personalized Video Message From Santa For Kids

Santa has a message for you. Kids, get a Personalized Video Message From Santa that you’ll cherish forever. Tell your parents to take a look at this great campaign on Indiegogo now.

We would like to Bring Joy To the World at Christmas with a Personalized Video Message from Santa to kids. We know for sure that kids love Santa and what a thrill it is when they can see and hear Santa himself speaking to them personally.

We are three sisters, two college students and a sophomore in High School who had an app created “DODGE Eye Balls” that was made after our brother Charles, who is autistic. It was a great way for him to express another joyful side of himself. As Christmas approaches, we began to think about how Charles would be able to have his interaction with Santa...

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Get Santa Text

Get Santa Text (Google Play) and Text Get Santa (iPhone) Apps are a cool way for your kids to text Santa Claus. They can text their Christmas list, tell how their grades are going and ask about Rudolph. Get Santa and Don’t be surprised if Santa texts back 😉

Locate Santa, also, dress up as Santa by adding a mustache to your own photo or someone you know. Have fun and make funny images. There’s a puzzle and other good things to do with more to be added to these apps. Coming soon, write and receive a letter from Santa.

TextGetSantaDownload Apple iPhone

GetSantaTextDownload Google Play Android

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