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Dairy Queen By Catherine Gilbert Murdock : Book Review

When picking a book to read, I was immediately drawn to Dairy Queen. Quite simply because it has a dreamlike quality to it which features a boy and a girl laying down opposite each other, just looking up at the sky. I liked it because it made me want to go outside and just experience the outdoors. I have to tell you after reading it, that it has become at the top of my favorites. I really connected with the book because the main character D.J. Schwenk is a teen, has big family responsibilities, and she sometimes feels as if nobody is on her side. This delightful story will make you laugh, bawl, squirm, and smile in happiness.

Dairy Queen is about a teen girl named D.J. Schwenk who runs a farm...

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Hyper Thin Wallet by BELMENT

Hyper Thin Wallet by BELMENT are super sharp, sleek and neat. Very cutting edge design that anyone can use and love.

Please take a look at their Indiegogo project, I’m sure you’ll feel the same. Pledge today.

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Copertura Heating Jackets

If you’re looking for a stylish jacket for the skiing or just for the cold, this is an excellent choice: Cold Quest.

Per their Kickstarter:

Copertura heating jackets keep you warm and comfortable in cold environments in any kind of outdoor activity
We need your support to make our first line of production of the heating jackets

Copertura heating jackets keep you warm and comfortable in cold environments for any kind of outdoor activity. We are a new fashion brand which combines designed wearables and physical technological items. It is innovative to do a such association in the fashion industry. The heating jacket is bringing into fashion a technological system already successfully used by outdoor professionals...

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SEO Fundamentals

SEO is definitely still uncharted territory for those of us who still live in the real world. The truth is though that there is so much untapped potential and customers that we have to reach online. SEO is the way to reach them, and this book is the way for you to learn how. Reading it gave me so much insight and direction into the concept. It’s all about ranking on Google and other search engines. I love how current this book is. As young as underdeveloped as SEO is, this book is already more knowledge-filled than your typical intro book.

Reading SEO Fundamentals: An Introductory Course to the World of Search Engine Optimization (The SEO University)will have you right at the top of your online presence game, reaching more people than ever before, and be on the cutting edge of what the ne...

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Enigma of the Second Coming

Enigma of the Second Coming is a novel that will mentally prepared you. It challenges conventional frames of mind and forces you to think about time, space, and power in new creative ways. This is a good and unique way to introduce yourself to concepts about metaphysics and theology into a progressive plot that has strong themes about love, family, and relationships.

Stan I.S. Law always delivers on thought-provoking books that stand apart in the genre. This time, Enigma of the Second Coming, stands boldly in the science fiction genre as unlike any of the others. John, Hey, and J.J. were all dynamic and compelling characters that developed in dramatic ways and contributed to the story’s momentum in valuable ways. I think there is so much more to read in-between the lines of these pages...

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Gift of Gamman

Science fiction is a genre that surely brings a set of expectations about the creative and, usually, irrational leaps that the author will make. Stan I.S. Law’s version of science fictions makes some of those leaps, but somehow they all seem entirely plausible. After reading the Gift of Gamman, I’m entirely convinced that this is our very near future. It’s almost as if this journey has already taken place, and by Stan I.S. Law himself, because of the detail-oriented nature of the book, the flow of events, and the way everything culminates into something grander that will move mankind further ahead.

I’m still processing a lot of the book, well after finishing, because it was simply so much to take in. I’m very struck by these spectacular characters and their various gifts. Stan I.S...

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Power Training for Combat

I would first say that Power Training for Combat is an excellent resource for both beginners and more advanced fighters. It breaks down the basics really well, but it also incorporates very sophisticated techniques, fighting styles, and tools to give you an edge. The book covers everything from self-defense to more practiced martial arts.

My impression of the book from the start was incredibly high, largely because of how thorough it seemed to be from skimming. As I read, I found that I was also learning about the mind, ways to keep motivation high, and some of the most innovative programs about maximizing power.

That is really the focal point of the book – maximizing power, no matter what fighting style...

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Gabby Angel of God

Gabby Angel of God was a very moving and sentimental body of work that told an amazing story. It really resonated with me in large part because of my familiarity with loss of a loved one. It’s very hard to go through something so devastating, but reading uplifting and hopeful pieces do a lot for the healing process.

From the start, Bo is a strong character. You respect his resilience and openness throughout the story. As a reader, I felt that Bo allowed me to encounter his emotions and thoughts with him as he got to know Gabby and learned so many important things about life and love from being with her. The author, Greg Sandora, used expert language and warm descriptors to illustrate Gabby, Angel of God...

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Romantic Poems: This Land of Streams

The collection of poems in This Land of Streams: Spiritual, Friendship, Romantic and World Event Poems were deeply moving and inspirational. I felt a power consume me – especially while reading the spiritual poems. It is clear that the author, Maria Johnsen, has lots of experience in writing poetry and has become very skilled with her words.

Anyone who is seeking some peace or solace through literature – this is a great way to reach that. The topics covered are extremely dynamic and cover all kinds of relationships between people. Whether friendship, romantic, or spiritual, there is something that you can connect with. It will change the way you view the world. For me the poetry makes me calmer and more appreciative of others in my life...

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Stop The Fear

Stop the Fear seemed like it was speaking directly to me. I was impressed, from beginning to end, the extent to which the details of how these episodes were described. From the thoughts of how last they long, to how to get rid of them, I felt this book was right on target.

The author, Jamie Richards writes very eloquently and from the perspective of real expertise. You can tell that a lot of time has been devoted to understanding these problems that many of us are facing. The solutions are described in a concise and direct manner. Stop the Fear is a very helpful book and with each chapter you feel more empowered and able to regain control of your emotions and episodes. Great resource and very well worth it!

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