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Get Ready To Take Some Spooky Pictures With Halloween Selfie

Get ready to take some spooky pictures with Halloween Selfie.  Everyone loves getting into the Halloween spirit. Halloween Selfie is a fun new app that allows you to take pictures with Halloween images straight from your phone.

A great way to send Halloween greetings to family and friends or even to scare them.  Take Halloween pictures with family, friends or pets.

How to take pictures, choose take selfie, choose to take a selfie with a skeleton, pumpkin, ghost or any other fun Halloween images and take the picture. Continue taking selfies, share or save.

This app is available for android devices in Google Play and soon will be available for iPhone and iPad.

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Can’t find the other sock? Find My Sock can help!

Can’t find the other sock? Find My Sock can help! Find My Sock is a new fun and addicting matching sock game for Android devices. Who doesn’t lose socks and wonder where are they? It gets frustrating and here’s a way to relieve a bit of stress and have some fun while waiting, relaxing or being competitive.

FindMySock1Find My Sock

How you play the game is simple, slide the socks left or right, up or down until two socks come together and make a different sock. Continue until you match all the socks to win the game. You can then continue with your competitive edge and keep matching and scoring.

The game is available for download in the Google Play Store. Get ready for hours of excitement. And if you have iPhone or iPad it’s available in the Apple Store as well.

Another game you should check out al...

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Finding Your Missing Sock Just Got Easier with Sock Cycle Deluxe

Who isn’t tired of losing socks? We’ll finding your missing sock just got easier with Sock Cycle Deluxe.

Not really but have some fun while you think about it. This new iOS game is all the craze.

You put a pair of socks in the washing cycle and it never fails that only one sock returns. Where did that other sock go?

Sock Cycle Deluxe is an app that finds your missing socks from the dreadful Sock Cycle. It helps you find and match your missing socks. Similar to the 2048 game but with a bit of a twist.

Get ready for hours of addictive fun and no more missing socks.

SockCycleSock Cycle Deluxe

Sock Cycle is available in the Apple iTunes App Store for iPad. Other versions for iPhone and Android called Find My Sock  in the Google Play Store are available as well.

Relax, this game is lots of fun but quit...

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Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell : Book Review

If you like books featuring quirky characters and a romance that is unconventional, this novel is for you. I love this book just for the very reason of it being written in a way that lets me gain insight with the main characters but progressing as it gets longer.

Eleanor & Park is about a boy and a girl named Eleanor and Park, just like the title states. Eleanor is a new student at Park’s school and to be put it simply; she’s weird. The clothes she wears are weird with clashing color combinations and outdated fashion. On the very first day of school Eleanor steps onto the school bus in the middle of the aisle for someplace to sit. When she attempts to sit in one  a mean “popular” girl named Tina stops her and that when she is about to cry...

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Fairest by Gail Carson Levine : Book Review

I love this book so much it’s crazy! I mean I’ve probably read about 15 times since first seeing it. It is written by my favorite author Gail Carson Levine who is most recognized for Ella Enchanted (which was also turned into a movie). This book (in my opinion) is loosely based of the fairy tale Snow White, and the twist this book gives to it just gives my life.

Fairest is about a girl named Ava who lives in the kingdom of Ayortha. In Ayortha singing is everyone’s second nature and Ava is best of them all. She can actually throw her voice so it appears to come from anywhere and she can also mimick anyone’s voice. She would be an actual catch in her kingdom except for the fact of her being ugly...

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The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness – Book Review

This book is one of my all time favorite. Patrick Ness (the author) weaves everything into it: including action, romance, an dystopian world, and most surprisingly braveness in the face of misfortune.

The Knife of Never Letting Go is about a boy named Todd. He lives on a planet called New World after settlers came there when Earth is ruined. Todd lives in a town called New Prentisstown that is filled with all men. He is close to becoming a man at 13 years old. One day while Todd is in the swamp is hears the impossible, silence, in a world where a man’s thoughts are projected and nothing is private. He goes home and reveals what he saw to his father, Ben. Ben hurriedly tells him to needs to leave thrusting a bag, Ben’s knife, and his Mom’s book (he can’t read) into his arms...

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Best Hospital Advisor

Have you heard of Best Hospital Advisor?

Please visit to rate or review your health care providers today!

Best Hospital Advisor (BHA) is a virtual community where users share and review their experiences at hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide.

The review system is user-friendly, anonymous and helps to provide feedback on individual experiences – both positive and negative. BHA includes not only options for users to provide feedback, but it also provides a number of quality indicators and patient satisfaction ratings.

Users can use the reviews to help them make their own choices about the healthcare continue reading…?

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An annual international small print show for students.

As most of Upper Egypt underprivileged cities, El Minia is ignored from hosting major cultural or artistic events. Our project aims to change that fact by organizing an annual international art show for students in collaboration with faculty of fine arts – El Minia university .The show has been a great opportunity to introduce the students and the public of El Minia to a wide array of contemporary artworks from all over the world and to introduce our young artists to the world. Year after year our project grows to connect us to new corners of the world and create bonds among the exhibiting artists regardless of the geographical, political or cultural barriers...

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The First at Home Cancer Diagnostic Test

The First at Home Cancer Diagnostic Test on Indiegogo.

This is the FIRST at-home cancer testing device. Let’s save lives with rapid, real-time detection.

Genespots™ Healthcare, Inc. offers a breakthrough diagnostic device that tests for specific types of cancers. Using our specialized equipment, known as HEALTHLOGGER, you can monitor your own health from the comfort of your home. HEALTHLOGGER is easy to use. It’s a precise test that is a great way to specifically, rapidly, and affordably test and monitor your health. This real-time monitoring is designed to save your life – and the lives of your loved ones.

oday there are already several traditional technologies available for molecular diagnostic testing...

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Edge of Eternity: by Ken Follett (The Century Trilogy, Book 3)

This is a brilliant summary and analysis of Edge of Eternity primarily because of its ability to portray an immensely significant period of history spanning many decades, inundated with turning points and rapid evolution of social political across continents into something that can be digested wholly.

I find this book particularly useful as it gives me a starting point by which I am able to form my views and opinions on the Edge of Eternity without having to waste time on tangential ideology. This summary and analysis directed me right toward the points of contention and dissonance, whereby I could focus singularly on critical analysis for myself...

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