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Can’t find the other sock? Find My Sock can help!

Can’t find the other sock? Find My Sock can help! Find My Sock is a new fun and addicting matching sock game for Android devices. Who doesn’t lose socks and wonder where are they? It gets frustrating and here’s a way to relieve a bit of stress and have some fun while waiting, relaxing or being competitive.

FindMySock1Find My Sock

How you play the game is simple, slide the socks left or right, up or down until two socks come together and make a different sock. Continue until you match all the socks to win the game. You can then continue with your competitive edge and keep matching and scoring.

The game is available for download in the Google Play Store. Get ready for hours of excitement. And if you have iPhone or iPad it’s available in the Apple Store as well.

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Finding Your Missing Sock Just Got Easier with Sock Cycle Deluxe

Who isn’t tired of losing socks? We’ll finding your missing sock just got easier with Sock Cycle Deluxe.

Not really but have some fun while you think about it. This new iOS game is all the craze.

You put a pair of socks in the washing cycle and it never fails that only one sock returns. Where did that other sock go?

Sock Cycle Deluxe is an app that finds your missing socks from the dreadful Sock Cycle. It helps you find and match your missing socks. Similar to the 2048 game but with a bit of a twist.

Get ready for hours of addictive fun and no more missing socks.

SockCycleSock Cycle Deluxe

Sock Cycle is available in the Apple iTunes App Store for iPad. Other versions for iPhone and Android called Find My Sock  in the Google Play Store are available as well.

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Dodge Eye Balls Game App for iPhone iPad

Dodge Eye Balls

Who doesn’t love Dodge Ball? Whether you remember playing it in the streets as kids or playing in the school gym room, there was lots of fun to be had by playing and Dodging the ball.


Here you can continue the excitement with this awesome game that’s sure to have you playing for hours.

Meet Charles, a happy 14-year-old kid with tons of expressions!! He also LOVES his teddy bears! Charles also has autism and is legally blind. He makes funny faces – especially with his eyes – that tell you his feelings. His teddy bears always make Charles give his most unique facial expressions.

Charles and his family invite you to play our game with us! Can you help Charles Dodge and avoid all the funny EYE BALLS and catch grab all his cute TEDDY BEARS for extra points?


Tilt y...

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Incognito Celeb

Incognito Celeb Free (Version)

Papparazzi Is Everywhere and Celebs are always trying to find a way to avoid them or be discreet. Here’s your chance to help your favorite celeb avoid the papparazzi by creating a clever, unique and funny disguise to hide out.

Incognito Celeb brings you different accessories to go under the pap radar. You can have loads of fun with this app by even sharing these adorable photos with celebs on their facebook, instagram, twitter or various accounts. See how creative you can be.

This app comes just in time for Halloween. Dress you celeb or even yourself, a child or friend scary accessories to share or use as a holiday greeting. Different holiday accessories will be added during holiday seasons.

Have you always wanted to be a Super Star? Well here’s your chance...

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