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Campaign Funded Campaign Writing and Consulting Services


Write Campaign Funded Campaign Writing and Consulting Services is one of leading crowdfunding services such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Rockethub and more. We analyze, write, teach and consult with creators on their projects to ensure they are as effective with the highest possibility of reaching their goals. We promote crowdfunding campaign on social media platforms via our trusted network of Social Media Pages related to Crowdfunding. We have worked with hundreds of campaigns, small and large and have proven techniques that have been successful over and over that we utilized for our clients.

We offer a wide range of services and media tools to and work with each campaign separately as no two campaigns are the same. Our services include:

  • Campaign Analysis – An Effective Campaign Pitch is...
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WALLET DRONE – World’s Smallest Quadcopter

WALLET DRONE – World’s Smallest Quadcopter

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Jun. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Axis Drones recently introduced their pocket-sized quadcopter on Indiegogo and quickly surpassed their $11,894 funding goal within the first 48 hours of launching. Wallet Drone has raised a total of $57,762 and to thank backers for supporting their campaign, they have created an exclusive perk that gives them full creative reign over how their Wallet Drone looks

With a $50 contribution, backers can get an all-white drone and controller, complete with eight Mini-Sharpies to create their own design. Mini-Sharpie colors include blue, orange, black, aqua, lime, berry, burgundy and red- allowing for endless continue reading

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Make Your Imprint – imprint Hat Co.

Make Your Imprint – imprint Hat Co.


Contact: B

Company: imprint Hat Co.

Address: 170 – 422 Richards

St. Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4



snapchat: @MakeYourImprint

imprint Hat Co. Enlists Viral Internet Celebrity to Launch as First Ever Self-­‐Sustainable Not-­‐For-­‐Profit Company

Vancouver, BC, April 13th, 2015 —With the help of viral-­‐video sensation Prince Ea, imprint Hat Co. has launched a new IndieGogo campaign to become the world’s first self-­‐sustainable not-­‐for-­‐profit apparel company...

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Watcher – the first anti-loss smart watch

Watcher – The first anti-loss smart watch

Watcher is a smart watch with anti-loss, notification, fitness tracking, sweet time features.

Watcher is a well-designed smart watch with E-paper display that enables you to think beyond your life. Coupled with our dedicated accessories ,it can help you to keep track of your personal belongings, how long you’ve spent time with your lovers, your fitness information, your baby’s body temperature and offer other useful features.

Why do we wanna do this:

We are a team of people who are tech-savvy and true believers of the notion that technology should simplify and facilitate our continue reading…

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Theme Bar with Adult Entertainment

Theme Bar with Adult Entertainment

We have a large theatre scene here in brisbane, ranging from dance to plays, we would like to open a themed bar. We will do events on Friday and Saturday nights that change each week and will consist of dance and plays, some of which will be adult entertainment as there is a very large call for that also. We will also have a VIP membership available for those that wish to become members. Members will get cheaper drinks and cheaper cover charges to get in. Also members will be invited to member only nights and access to equipment and other things at a cheaper rate.

We will be requiring a fair few staff for this business which will open job opportunities and being that we will be the only one in brisbane to have a themed bar like ours, it will be a definite...

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Pocket Handkerchief Constructor

This handkerchief will be a bright accessory with original embroidery. Make it special with words!


BETOLLI offer anyone in any place of the world to create a specially designed shirt with the help of the shirt constructor available at the «Betolli» homepage, modifying countless details and nuances, and more importantly to acquire a unique self-created shirt according to individual sizes.

Learn more and get yours here…

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Physical Real Time Facebook Fan Counter – Fbox

Live social media marketing.

Display social media likes in a high visibility counter at your business.

How does Fbox work?

Fbox displays a continuous count of Facebook ‘likes’ in real time so passers-by can appreciate how many others are fans of your business. When they perform a ‘like’ on their mobile device, the counter updates automatically offering them an engaging real-time interaction. Fbox provides a WiFi connection to promotes this social media fan-building activity and offers the opportunity to connect with them via well-targeted product or service messages. Fbox reinforces consumer confidence by determining through the ‘like’ count that your products are a popular choice.

Maximize Buyer Confidence
Fbox displays a high-visibility ‘like’ counter which updates in real ti...

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Calistix – a free fitness app for everybody

Calistix Cross Sports – proud to be fit. Help us to make it happen!

We are creating the fitness app of the next generation! Calistix is a virtual personal trainer that offers a huge variety of sports activities: more than 100 exercises, indoors and outdoors, with or without equipment, for any fitness level from beginners to competitive athletes. It is a true all-in-one app with three different options – endurance, body workout and cross sports. The innovative ghost mode let’s you enter in virtual competitions with friends. Extras include a heart rate sensor, a pedometer, a BMI & WHR Calculator and standardized fitness tests. What’s best: Calistix is 100% free of charge and requires no registration.

Help us to make it happen – be part of our fitness revolution!

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The Awakening Project

The Awakening Project

The Awakening Project is a series of short films: The Fallen, Sky People, Origins and Awakening. Together, the four shorts make one epic feature-length film revolving around the mystery and conspiracy theory of UFO sightings and covert government projects. I wanted to combine fantasy with real life mysteries such as the Roswell UFO crash site, Area 51, the Wow signal, the German Nazi device called “Die Glocke” (the Bell), experimental spacecrafts, and advanced bioengineering project. My purpose was to write a unique story that takes place in an environment where audiences can immerse themselves in a world filled with continue reading…

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Western Novel

Western Novel – 2nd in series

I have six books published and available at and Barns&Noble, among other places.
One of which is Wyoming Fervor – a first Western book of a three part series.
Wyoming Fervor 2 will be my 7th book.
Each Wyoming Fervor will contain two western stories.
I have already started Wyoming Fervor 2 and expect to publish in April or May 2015 but I need to raise funds continue reading…

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