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Stolen by Lucy Christopher : Book Review

I recently read this book because it was one of the 2015 ABE books. If you don’t know what that means, ABE books are selected to be  of the most engaging teen fiction novels. Each year different books are selected and they are all picked because of their appeal to young adults. I thoroughly liked this novel and because of all the different themes integrated in it. I liked that Stolen gave a different aspect to an horror that everyone fears and hopes never happens to them. Although I wouldn’t want people to think it is okay for a crime like kidnapping to happen, people still could gain a new perspective when seeing how and why certain things to transpire.

Stolen is about a girl named Gemma and  a guy name Ty. While Gemma is at the airport read to board her flight, she meets Ty...

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Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater : Book Review

This book honestly changed my perception of teen fiction when I first read it. It raised the bar for when I’m deciding on what to read and got me interested in “real life fantasy” novels. Shiver is easily at the top of my favorite list for my books and no matter how many times I read this, I will be always willing to check it out. The first time I read Shiver was when my older sister checked it out from the library and I read it (this was in maybe 7th grade). I only got about halfway through when she decided to turn it back in (I know the spitefulness of older sisters) and had been looking for it for awhile...

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Escape from Camp 14 by Blaine Harden : Book Review

To me this book should be in the curriculum for all teens in history classes in high schools. When reading this I was shocked to learn the atrocities happening in North Korea that I knew nothing about. My heart hurt that people are getting killed and imprisoned in camps. This book really made me think long about how easy and carefree my life is in America compared to the how people are being treated in North Korea. Even though it was somewhat merciless reading it knowing what I have and the opportunities that are in my life, I liked it because it brought to my attention an issue that is important and wouldn’t have known about otherwise...

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Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell : Book Review

If you like books featuring quirky characters and a romance that is unconventional, this novel is for you. I love this book just for the very reason of it being written in a way that lets me gain insight with the main characters but progressing as it gets longer.

Eleanor & Park is about a boy and a girl named Eleanor and Park, just like the title states. Eleanor is a new student at Park’s school and to be put it simply; she’s weird. The clothes she wears are weird with clashing color combinations and outdated fashion. On the very first day of school Eleanor steps onto the school bus in the middle of the aisle for someplace to sit. When she attempts to sit in one  a mean “popular” girl named Tina stops her and that when she is about to cry...

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Fairest by Gail Carson Levine : Book Review

I love this book so much it’s crazy! I mean I’ve probably read about 15 times since first seeing it. It is written by my favorite author Gail Carson Levine who is most recognized for Ella Enchanted (which was also turned into a movie). This book (in my opinion) is loosely based of the fairy tale Snow White, and the twist this book gives to it just gives my life.

Fairest is about a girl named Ava who lives in the kingdom of Ayortha. In Ayortha singing is everyone’s second nature and Ava is best of them all. She can actually throw her voice so it appears to come from anywhere and she can also mimick anyone’s voice. She would be an actual catch in her kingdom except for the fact of her being ugly...

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Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern : Book Review

To say the least I felt like this book was melodramatic and in saying that I am referring to the over exaggeration of the lovey dove scenes in the book. I think that this book had too many back and forth situations involving the relationship and this is a ploy we see in many romance novels already. That said even though there were unconventional main characters involved in a relationship (and one we don’t see in many books), it was still followed the basic guideline of a love story and that for me was quite simply boring. Cammie McGovern’s novel “Say What You Will” is about two teenagers named Amy and Matthew. Amy is an senior who has cerebral palsy who can’t walk on her own, is unable to make varied facial expressions, and can’t talk...

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Brotherly Enemies

I really admire Elie Nakouzi because he is just so brave and forthright. I mean, talk about fear and constant danger… and in the face of all that you discover yourself in the midst of all the negativity and hatred thriving all around. This story, Brotherly Enemies: A True Story (Memoirs of a Pro American) is really spectacular and very moving to say the least. Because the account is firsthand, these are not fictional characters, these are real people. Elie allowed them to remain as they were, and not compromise the integrity of the memoir. The reader gets to be immersed into the dialogue and the course of events exactly as they unfold. The Memoir is also very descriptive about emotions, feelings, and ulterior motives throughout...

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The Anonymous Girl

The Anonymous Girl is an incredible book by a very talented author. This is my second read from the mysterious Holy Ghost Writer. Our protagonist Zaydee is super talented at what she does. You adore her not only for that but by her confidence and strong will. I was on edge right from the beginning because you are immediately drawn into the kind of high-stakes events that go on throughout the course of the book. There were lots of interesting themes and grand ideas that begin subtle but reveal themselves more and more.

The Anonymous Girl balanced reality with more cryptic and surreal elements quite well. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Whoever you are, this book will exceed your expectations because it really can’t be categorized.

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The Amsterdam Confessions of a Shallow Man

There’s not much better than laughter and I love a book that makes me laugh. The Amsterdam Confessions doesn’t just make me chuckle, it has me in stitches at times. I now would like to visit Amsterdam just so that I can envision some of the comedic instances that the author Simon Woolcot speaks on, oh the thought of that.

You can tell by the writing that the author really enjoyed writing this book and bringing it to life. It’s quite witty and with just enough other pieces to keep you entertained from beginning to end. I’ve already begun to share this book so that I can have someone to discuss and share the laugher with personally. Also, now that I know the author has a blog, I can’t wait to log on as I’m sure there are plenty more laughs there.

If you want a book that will put you in good ...

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Darkness and the Radiance of Neamh

Darkness and the Radiance of Neamh is the kind of tale that keeps your heart rate up and builds more anticipation with every turn of the page. The most climactic events are really spread around, so you are constantly in a trance while reading. Edmund is a very likable character, as he endured incredible obstacles and still has more to face…

I like that the author, John Griffin, incorporated lots of futurism, high-stakes plot lines into his science fiction novel. We get so much originality and complexity in Darkness and the Radiance of Neamh. The historical accuracy as well as the technological jargon lends so much. I thoroughly enjoyed this reading and look forward to more!

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