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Get Ready To Take Some Spooky Pictures With Halloween Selfie

Get ready to take some spooky pictures with Halloween Selfie.  Everyone loves getting into the Halloween spirit. Halloween Selfie is a fun new app that allows you to take pictures with Halloween images straight from your phone.

A great way to send Halloween greetings to family and friends or even to scare them.  Take Halloween pictures with family, friends or pets.

How to take pictures, choose take selfie, choose to take a selfie with a skeleton, pumpkin, ghost or any other fun Halloween images and take the picture. Continue taking selfies, share or save.

This app is available for android devices in Google Play and soon will be available for iPhone and iPad.

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Can’t find the other sock? Find My Sock can help!

Can’t find the other sock? Find My Sock can help! Find My Sock is a new fun and addicting matching sock game for Android devices. Who doesn’t lose socks and wonder where are they? It gets frustrating and here’s a way to relieve a bit of stress and have some fun while waiting, relaxing or being competitive.

FindMySock1Find My Sock

How you play the game is simple, slide the socks left or right, up or down until two socks come together and make a different sock. Continue until you match all the socks to win the game. You can then continue with your competitive edge and keep matching and scoring.

The game is available for download in the Google Play Store. Get ready for hours of excitement. And if you have iPhone or iPad it’s available in the Apple Store as well.

Another game you should check out al...

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Dodge Eye Balls Game App for iPhone iPad

Dodge Eye Balls

Who doesn’t love Dodge Ball? Whether you remember playing it in the streets as kids or playing in the school gym room, there was lots of fun to be had by playing and Dodging the ball.


Here you can continue the excitement with this awesome game that’s sure to have you playing for hours.

Meet Charles, a happy 14-year-old kid with tons of expressions!! He also LOVES his teddy bears! Charles also has autism and is legally blind. He makes funny faces – especially with his eyes – that tell you his feelings. His teddy bears always make Charles give his most unique facial expressions.

Charles and his family invite you to play our game with us! Can you help Charles Dodge and avoid all the funny EYE BALLS and catch grab all his cute TEDDY BEARS for extra points?


Tilt y...

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QuikPiks on Iphone

QuikPiks is a quick and easy way to help you decide on a number. Have you ever tried to figure out what new number you want to play either for the lottery or just needing a number? Yes, the lottery machines can dish out numbers but now you can dish out your own with the touch of your finger.

Be in control of your own destiny. Easy to use by selecting the numbers to choose between then click Find. Various sets to choose from plus lots of other fun things now and great surprises coming. Not only for the lottery but any type of guessing game.

For Entertainment. Result are not guaranteed. Play for fun and your luck may just change.

GlamPoochQuikPiks iPhone

Similar apps for iPad are QikPik iPad and QuikPick Android Google Play, free and paid versions available.

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Glamm Kitty on iPhone

The Most Adorable Kitty ever is yours. This app allows your to take your favorite photo of your Cat, Kitten, Kitty, and have a little fun by Glamming him or her up.

Glamm Kitty is a fun app to take photos of your cat / kitty that anyone of any age can have loads of fun for hours.

Create pictures to keep for yours self or share them through social networks and as E-cards.

This app is very simple to use with lots of images to create an all new, funny and creative Glamm Kitty.

This iPhone app can also be used for your other pets and friends.

New accessories will be added often.

GlammKittyGlamm Kitty iPhone

Check it’s brother app Glamm Pooch

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Tweet ReHab – Apple iPad app

Addicted to Twitter?

We Love Twitter!!! We are Tweeters who were formerly addicted to Twitter and lost control of many things in our lives. We gained control through Tweeter ReHab. Now we tweet on Twitter, yet maintain our lives. We formed Tweeter ReHab to help you.

Send a ReHab Fix, a new cool way to send a nice, funny and or encouraging message.

Find out what 12 Step Plus is and share them with other through this app.

Tweet ReHab – A fin interactive app with games, puzzles, and much more where people who love Twitter can further indulge in their Tweeter compulsion.

It’s just not Tweeter it’s a Rehab Fix!

TweetReHabTweet ReHab iPad

TweeterReHabTweeter ReHab iPhone

TweeterReHabLiteTweeter ReHab Lite iPhone

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All Things Kim Kardashian

Love Kim K? Want to know what she’s doing, who she’s with, what she’s accomplished? Here’s an app that’s all about Kim. The Lovely, Beautiful and Sexy Kim Kardashian. One can’t help but love Kim, the socialite, businesswoman, fashion designer, model, television personality, author, and actress. No we can’t forget what she’s worldly known for, sex tape which propelled her into the life of envy from everyone.

Kim Kardashian the soon to be mother of the child by Kanye West, there is no way to imagine what spectacular things will happen next. This app will bring you All Thing Kim Kardashian. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs… just too much and more to come directly from this app. Check out your knowledge about Kim with our trivia...

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All Your Cards

Need a quick gift or looking for a card for a special someone? This app has a card for every holiday. Never miss another holiday or special occasion without letting the special people in your life know you care. Imagine it’s the last minute and you just received a calendar reminder of someone’s birthday. You are out and forgot to send a special greeting to that special person. With All Your Cards you can send that “special thought” immediately from the tip of your fingers with this app. Send a Special Card to your beloved husband, wife, son, daughter, family member, neighbor or even a business associate fast and easy through email or Facebook...

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Psychic Christine

Have you ever wanted to know something before it actually happen or maybe something was worrying you? Well, now you don’t have to wait. Download this amazing free app and get your questions answered.

One Free question, Psychic reading by Psychic Christine when you download my free app. Get a psychic reading for your deepest questions concerning career, family, love and relationships when you contact me for your free reading. I also use clairvoyance, empathy and tarot. I am a natural born psychic with gifted abilities dedicated to serving the satisfied clients I meet with.

To redeem your free reading email me with one free question, reading in the subject line after you have installed the app and let me know you are contacting me for your one free question reading.

• Psychic Readings
• A...

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Incognito Celeb

Incognito Celeb Free (Version)

Papparazzi Is Everywhere and Celebs are always trying to find a way to avoid them or be discreet. Here’s your chance to help your favorite celeb avoid the papparazzi by creating a clever, unique and funny disguise to hide out.

Incognito Celeb brings you different accessories to go under the pap radar. You can have loads of fun with this app by even sharing these adorable photos with celebs on their facebook, instagram, twitter or various accounts. See how creative you can be.

This app comes just in time for Halloween. Dress you celeb or even yourself, a child or friend scary accessories to share or use as a holiday greeting. Different holiday accessories will be added during holiday seasons.

Have you always wanted to be a Super Star? Well here’s your chance...

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