Stowaway: New World Adventure

Stowaway: New World Adventure took me back to those times when I learned about the first explorers of the New World. The author, Jerry Beller, does a good job of capturing that exciting feeling. As we come to know our main character, Alfred, we recall a time in our own lives where we yearned for adventure. I myself often fantasized about secret passageways to the Pacific. As we follow his bravery, we get to tag along on Alfred’s journey. We share his happiness and his disappointments together.

Stowaway: New World Adventure has a great amount of historical accuracy. I’m really glad I read this book, and I absolutely consider it suitable for all ages. The crew and their inhumane acts & talks of mutiny were as entertaining as they were appalling, but all in good fun. It’s a great read and the ending was a huge bombshell for me – truly the adventure of a lifetime. Highly recommended!