Stolen by Lucy Christopher : Book Review

I recently read this book because it was one of the 2015 ABE books. If you don’t know what that means, ABE books are selected to be  of the most engaging teen fiction novels. Each year different books are selected and they are all picked because of their appeal to young adults. I thoroughly liked this novel and because of all the different themes integrated in it. I liked that Stolen gave a different aspect to an horror that everyone fears and hopes never happens to them. Although I wouldn’t want people to think it is okay for a crime like kidnapping to happen, people still could gain a new perspective when seeing how and why certain things to transpire.

Stolen is about a girl named Gemma and  a guy name Ty. While Gemma is at the airport read to board her flight, she meets Ty. He kindly helps her with her suitcase and they soon go to an cafe. Ty gets their drinks and stealthily slips a drug into hers. When she is unable to protest to him taking her away, Ty carefully covers any tracks that he might have left. The next time she wakes up, she is in an unfamiliar bed and house. She soon discovers that they are in the Australian outback, miles away from civilization and anyone who might be looking for her. As the pounding heat permeates her world she learns that there isn’t anyway to escape Ty. Even though the pair are distanced, they start to form a relationship which isn’t loving or hating. When an awful incident happens to Gemma, we learn whether or not Ty is horrible as he may seem.

This book discusses the very nature of how a situation is never white or black, how there are areas of gray in between. I especially enjoy it because of the compelling storyline; Gemma getting kidnapped, the Australian wilderness, the strange but fascinating relationship, and the ironic “freedom” Gemma experiences by being away from society. This book to me would be recommended to teen readers. Children shouldn’t read this novel because a subject like kidnapping is too difficult and complex for them to be reading about. To read Stolen check it out a your local library or buy from a book retailer.

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