Speed Training for Combat, Boxing, Martial Arts and MMA

Speed Training for Combat, Boxing, Martial Arts, and MMA: How to Maximize Your Hand Speed, Foot Speed, Punching Speed, Kicking Speed, Wrestling Speed, and Fighting Speed

I would say that this is the secret resource that the opponents you’re sparring with are going to ask you about. If you want to be the fighter that has that “one up”, you should follow this guide.

You know the author, J. Barnes is an expert and knows his subject matter well because after using these techniques, there are fast results. Speed Training for Combat covers so many fighting styles that it’s an all-encompassing guide. In that regard, it’s applicable for those of us who are devoted to improving our training – the people who train everyday – no matter how long of a day we’ve had. One thing I HATE is to come across a fighter who has speed over me. You can’t really compete with someone when they are faster than you – and they know it – which sucks. There are techniques in here that take advantage of all your senses and puts them to use within weeks. I know people neglect their other senses, but just convince yourself that you possess secret weapons you just have to learn how to harness them. Now get going!!