Sniggerless Boundulations

Morgan Bell is clearly a writer who has no reservations about taking her stories “there”. I love this collection of short stories because it allows to conceptualize our postmodern society’s norm. Categories and identifiers do not limit this body of work. Instead readers find satisfaction, comfort, and the ability to hold a mirror up to the lives of themselves as well as their peers. Because the stories jump from topic to topic and theme to theme, it kept me on my toes. Sometimes I wanted to read on, but as I contented without pausing, I began to notice a deliberate distribution of stories from the author to convey certain emotions and thoughts in an effective way.

There are many layers to Sniggerless Boundulations, and it takes a critical eye to take them in properly. From bizarre medical conditions to homoeroticism, then to a secret garden, and nonchalant students, this book really has the kind of content you’re not going to find in one book. I’ve seen no collection like this anywhere else!