Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater : Book Review

This book honestly changed my perception of teen fiction when I first read it. It raised the bar for when I’m deciding on what to read and got me interested in “real life fantasy” novels. Shiver is easily at the top of my favorite list for my books and no matter how many times I read this, I will be always willing to check it out. The first time I read Shiver was when my older sister checked it out from the library and I read it (this was in maybe 7th grade). I only got about halfway through when she decided to turn it back in (I know the spitefulness of older sisters) and had been looking for it for awhile. When I finally rediscovered it, I was overjoyed to be able to “experience” it for a second time and knew that it spoke to me on a sacred ( just kidding, NOT!) level that I love it even though I probably have it memorized by now.

Shiver is about a girl named Grace who after getting attacked by wolves ¬†and almost killed, she was very young when it happened, has been obsessed with the pack all of her life. She can frequently hear them at night with their eerie howling and knows her fascination is strange. The one wolf of the pack that intrigues her the most is the one with the startling yellow eyes. In the winter he oftens hovers at the edge of her yard, which opens up to the forest. When a boy at her school Jack is attacked by the pack and presumably killed, his father stages a strike against them that involves hunters with guns who are determined to flush them out. When Grace hears of their plan she races home the longest way to notice the state troopers along the side of the road. She desperately stops and makes up a story of her friend Olivia being in the woods photographing so they can stop. With her heart racing and fear rushing through her veins, she heads home. When she arrives home and to her surprise she sees a boy on her porch bleeding. Not only that, but he has the same eyes as her favorite wolf. Grace hurriedly takes hime to the hospital and finds out his name is Sam. Although she doesn’t know him fully, the two connect in a way that is genuine and more significant than the pair have felt before. Read Shiver to find out what happens when Grace learns of the pack’s astonishing secret and whether they can “hold” on to each other when they’ve only just met.

This book is recommended to young adults. Albeit some adults would enjoy the novel if given the opportunity, most wouldn’t mostly because it features issues mostly relevant to the younger audience like school, parental emotional neglect, problems with close friends, and budding romances. So for that reason strictly for me, adults when reading Shiver would quickly become disinterested and bored. If you love real life fantasy, undeniable love, characters that are so real that make wish they were real, and an exciting plot this book is for you. Check it out at your library or major book distributors now!