Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern : Book Review

To say the least I felt like this book was melodramatic and in saying that I am referring to the over exaggeration of the lovey dove scenes in the book. I think that this book had too many back and forth situations involving the relationship and this is a ploy we see in many romance novels already. That said even though there were unconventional main characters involved in a relationship (and one we don’t see in many books), it was still followed the basic guideline of a love story and that for me was quite simply boring. Cammie McGovern’s novel “Say What You Will” is about two teenagers named Amy and Matthew. Amy is an senior who has cerebral palsy who can’t walk on her own, is unable to make varied facial expressions, and can’t talk. She has a voice box that she can express her speech from and has all up until this year had a adult helper along her side in her school years. Her senior year will be different though; she will hire four kids from her school to aide her so she can make friends this year. One of those helpers is the boy named Matthew who has severe OCD which distances him from kids at his school since he can’t help his behavior, well at least not on his own. Matthew is the one person ┬áin Amy’s life that has been brave and daring enough to call her out on her happy go-lucky attitude towards life and shows her all what she is missing in life. Read the book to find out what happens to them as their relationship progresses and all the crazy things that happens to them on the way. I would recommend this book towards teens, I figure adults would find this story an humdrum book and will quickly get bored. This book would be rated 2 out of 5 stars (in my opinion).