My name is Daniel Budnik, I’m the manager of The Safe Touch Project.

How are you? I am writing because I am doing with my partners, Christian Cafatti, Felipe Moreno and Sebastian Budnik, a digital launch for nanotechnology products that generate bacterial protection to reduce the spread of disease.

How does it work? We have produced a sticker, a card and coin that are treated with an antibacterial nanotechnology at a molecular level. A matrix of silica and triclosan attaches by strong chemical bonds to the surface of the products.

This way the antibacterial effect lasts for years. The technology we use ismade in Germany and has been used in clinical prosthesis and hospitals. Through the new applications that we have developed, the SafeTouch products can bring this technology to average people who can apply it to their daily life.

This completely original products are being launched globally through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. We want to reach people to impact on how they are getting sick in their daily life. In addition, we are following a donation program, giving with each sale an antibacterial sticker to kids living in areas of critic hygiene.

This is the link of the project: Indiegogo