Review for Room – Novel by Emma Donoghue

I have to tell you guys, when I first started this book I immediately put it down. It was the first time I’ve read an book from the viewpoint of an child and I was thinking it was going to be horrible. After mentioning the title to my sister in passing though she said she thought it was great and to give it a try. Let me tell you she was right! Everything from the subject of the story to the charming character of Jack I loved and can’t wait to read again. This book is often considered to be very original because of it’s unique POV and also since it has a subject matter mostly undocumented. Keep reading to find out more about the story and hopefully you’ll like as much as I do!!

Room  is based on the lives of two people; Jack and his mother. The story is told from the viewpoint of Jack and gives a childlike aspect that you wouldn’t normally see. Every day in Jack’s life is defined by a schedule made by his mother. His mom makes up games for them to play (w/ everyday objects), cooks food for them, makes sure he has a daily bath, and entertains him. His whole world is characterized by his home that he calls Room. Like any other room it has regular objects like a couch, refrigerator, bed, closet, stove, etc. Jack thinks everything is normal except until one night he recognizes a product ad for something that he uses daily. Up until this point he was told that everything that he saw on TV was fake (dreamworld) and his mom tells him the truth about it. She tells all about where they are, how they got there, and why they can’t leave. The culprit behind all of this is a man whom Jack calls Old Nick who visits ” their Room” on separate intervals to bring food and whatever else they need. They devise a plan to try to escape from “Room” but can it work? And if they do manage to leave what will they find out outside it? Will they be able to survive? Check out Room from your nearest library or buy here .


Like I stated before this book for me was absolutely perfect. I give this book a 4.5 out of 5 and would recommend it to anyone.  I adored the characters; little Jack who is so innocent and brave and his mom who did her best under the circumstances provided for her. The writing for Room was stunningly outstanding and especially told from a five year old’s POV. I hope that everyone who read this can connect to it as much as I did and will tell others!