Prism Design Socks and Underwear

Prism Design Socks

Your mood is reflected in the clothes you wear. The reverse is also true. What better place to start, than your socks and underwear?

Comfort = Confidence. Your personality is reflected in the clothes you wear. The reverse is also true – your style and the colors you surround yourself with can directly affect how you feel. Being confident lets you reflect your inner happiness to your outer appearance. Your confidence depends on your comfort, and your comfort starts with your socks, underwear, and compression shorts. We encourage you to love that first layer of clothing, rock our bold designs, be comfortable and confident, let loose, create something new, step out of your comfort zone, let your mind wander. Our socks, underwear, and compression shorts are made to help you reflect your passion.

Forget your traditional cotton or polyester blend socks and underwear. It’s 2015. Choose products that are softer, more breathable, and made from highly renewable resources. We want to show love for our planet by making and using products that respect the environment. Here at Prism, we chose bamboo fabrics, and here’s why: continue reading…