Power Training for Combat

I would first say that Power Training for Combat is an excellent resource for both beginners and more advanced fighters. It breaks down the basics really well, but it also incorporates very sophisticated techniques, fighting styles, and tools to give you an edge. The book covers everything from self-defense to more practiced martial arts.

My impression of the book from the start was incredibly high, largely because of how thorough it seemed to be from skimming. As I read, I found that I was also learning about the mind, ways to keep motivation high, and some of the most innovative programs about maximizing power.

That is really the focal point of the book – maximizing power, no matter what fighting style. Because the common denominator between any fighting style or martial art really is to reach maximum power and harness it properly. It’s a great book, and I learned so much. Thanks!

Power Training for Combat, MMA, Boxing, Wrestling, Martial Arts, and Self-Defense: How to Develop Knockout Punching Power, Kicking Power, Grappling Power, and Ground Fighting Power