Petuzzle My Pet on iPhone

“Petuzzle My Pet”

Make your Dog or Cat a star. Get them on an app for millions to see how cute, lovable and photogenic they are. Share with us what you love about him or her. Petuzzle your pet.

With Petuzzle your dog or cat photo is scrambled into pieces while you try to put him back in place. Time yourself to see how long it takes you. Race a friend to see who puts their pet back together faster. This is a stress reliever, give you a break from the chores of everyday plus you learn the different breeds of pets.

Send in your favorite pet picture and the maker may add it to Petuzzle.

Images will change periodically.

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PetuzzleMyPetPetuzzle My Pet – iPhone

Also available as Petuzzle – iPad and Petuzzle Buddies on Google Play.