Paranormal Intruder – The True Story of a Family in Fear

Paranormal Intruder had all this strange and unfamiliar thoughts and feelings running through me. I had to remember to breathe during much of it because I was simply so enthralled. I was surprised at how well it was able to strike the right of amount of disturbing and titillating moments of fear, surprise, wonder, and sheer shock while I was reading. And apparently this stuff is true and actually documented, which gave Paranormal Intruder another incredible WOW factor.

I found the author, Caroline Mitchell, to be amazingly talented to be able to take something so supernatural and turn it into an entertaining body of literature. I have a newfound appreciation for the horror and occult genre. Paranormal Intruder may have created a monster with me, because I will be struck by what I read in it for a long time.