Onward Bound Canine Rehabilitation Center

Help launch Wisconsin into a Pawsitive Future through Indiegogo with Onward Bound Canine Rehabilitation Center.

The human dog bond is unlike anything else in the world. But unfortunately sometimes we clash and dogs develop unwanted behaviors. What we consider behavior problems are often normal, natural, and necessary. The dog is simply being a dog but in an unacceptable way in a human world. Undesired behaviors are the number one cause of death in pet dogs in America, science based dog friendly training can all but eliminate that.

Onward Bound will be a safe haven for dogs that have unwanted behaviors. Hyperactivity, fear, aggression, all of these and more can be changed with a careful systematic approach and positive motivation. I have learned many different techniques of behavior modification and am able to customize treatment plans that facilitate positive behavior changes in these dogs. Combined with owner training these techniques continue reading…