Only In Dreams

It was one of the other reviews that really convinced me to read this book. I must say, it was not an exaggeration. Only In Dreams was so real. So many times I felt the emotions of Paige just pouring out of the book. My heart became heavy, and anxious, and melted all at different times – truly a roller coaster of emotion.

The author, Wendy Owens, you can tell she is very seasoned and what she writes truly resonates with her readers. Whether she has been through things herself or not, it is clear that she possesses a natural talent in this genre. The end of the book really makes everything else come full circle.

Just like in life, things happen without explanation sometimes, but it eventually begins to make sense in the grand scheme of things. It won’t be long before I’ve read all the other pieces of literature by Wendy Owens, because Only In Dreams was only the beginning!