Mother Lode Manifesto

As I read The Mother Lode Manifesto, I felt that so many of my pent-up frustrations were being poured out. My own saga has been wrought with challenges and my incapacity to overcome many obstacles. Mother Lode Manifesto has provided a greater sense of retrospect with regard to many things in my life. I look forward to overcoming future hardships with the words of the author, Margie J. Baldock, who wrote with great finesse.

It is clear that Margie J. Baldock is a warrior herself, and has found herself facing the same circumstances that we as women are looking to find solace from. The most empowering aspects of The Mother Lode Manifesto demonstrate that there are too many women experiencing similar challenges, and that collectively we need to purpose ourselves for greater things. In addition, the way that book is formatted and arranged with some illustrations makes for pleasurable reading and adds color to the work. It is filled with perfectly selected and inspiring quotes, illustrations, bullet points, timelines, and more. I truly benefitted from this book and will undeniably read it again, just because it is so PACKED with knowledge on so many pages. I am the kind of person who can see straight through work. Margie J. Baldock is a bonafide expert is knows exactly what she is writing about. She backs it all up with knowledge, insight, examples, and infallible rules of the game. Fantastic choice, and the ebook is errorless and concise. Please trust this review. It is honest!