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imprint Hat Co. Enlists Viral Internet Celebrity to Launch as First Ever Self-­‐Sustainable Not-­‐For-­‐Profit Company

Vancouver, BC, April 13th, 2015 —With the help of viral-­‐video sensation Prince Ea, imprint Hat Co. has launched a new IndieGogo campaign to become the world’s first self-­‐sustainable not-­‐for-­‐profit apparel company. By creating high-­‐quality products and donating 100% of their profits to fighting world hunger, their goal is to remain competitive without relying on the types of grants and donations that support similar non-­‐profits today.

Now, more than ever, the world needs organizations that extend a helping hand to the needy instead of pocketing profits for themselves. While many non-­‐profits exist today, most of them rely on donations given by other organizations and individuals. However, despite the good causes they have in mind, it is time that nonprofits became self-­‐sustainable in their pursuit of making the world a better place.

imprint Hat Co. is a company established with the purpose of putting an end to world hunger by offering quality products that sell for affordable prices. It is the collaborative effort of a large number of young activists and entrepreneurs from all over Canada and the United States.

The group has come together with a simple but aggressive mission: take on world epidemics one by one with the power of social media and e-­‐commerce. With their official launch, their first goal is to help eradicate world hunger within their lifetimes.

Choosing fashion as their medium of spreading this critical message, imprint has created an excllusive line of sleek, high quality hats that look great with all types of outfits. Made from 80% premium acrylic and 20% premium wool, every hat boasts excellent breathability, durability, and the perfect combination of comfort and style. The items in imprint Hat Co.’s collection are guaranteed to last, and the best part is that all profits go toward helping improve the lives of starving children around the world, as well as their families and communities.

imprint Hat Co has partnered with One Day’s Wages and several other food banks and shelters from different corners of Canada and the United States. Now, Prince Ea has stepped up as a global ambassador. The social activist and hip-­‐hop artist is best known for “Auto-­‐Correct Humanity” and “Why I Think This World Should End”, both viral videos that generated tens of millions of online views. As the latest global ambassador of imprint, Prince Ea shows his full support for the company’s mission and goals.


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