Lyberated Networks Kickstarter Launch

Project Lyberation: Lyberated Networks Launch:
News, talk, and entertainment — WITHOUT filters, censors, or corporate overlords.

Prepare to be Lyberated

Our mission is simple: to provide access to audio-based news, discussion, and alternative media without relying on existing broadcast companies for distribution in order to provide unabridged and uncensored content to our audience.

When we sat down and started Lyberated, we had a few goals in mind. Tired of traditional corporate motivators, “shareholder value”, and the classic media business model, we are committed to restoring public discourse across conflicting viewpoints.

By removing ties to existing media companies, corporate interests, and government, we can provide the people with a censorship-free platform for their views. Our audience – this means you – has a direct impact on the type and variety of programming we offer throughout the network. We keep a careful balance between popular demand and… Continue Reading Here.