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Live Stream Software

Stream broadcasting software for streamers unlike any other. With today’s growth in eSports more and more fans are turning to their computers to watch big names go head to head in their chosen video game. This has started a huge trend where the average everyday Joe or Jane can get just as much recognition from their bedroom playing the same games as the pros do by allowing other people to watch them and interact with them live on, a company that was just bought by for 970 million dollars.

My name is Anthony and I have been gaming for the past 20 years, not as a pro, but gaming none the less. I am married with 6, yes 6 kids and work for a SAAS company, basically the biggest cloud based software for the limousine industry. I have watched the rise of eSports, and more importantly live streaming, get to a level wherein the next 3-5 years it will surpass normal sports and less time will be spent watching television. More people are already leaning towards the interactive experience that streaming brings something that was sparked by sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The one problem that face many of these streamers is… Read More on Indiegogo.