Light and Shadows

You will be telling all of your friends to read Light and Shadows once you’re done with it. I am impressed with the creativity and expert story development by the author, Estela Vazquez Perez. She created characters that were dynamic and were struggling with very real and very specific circumstances. She intertwined them in a way that contributed to a unique plot, one that competes with some of the best books in the genre.

In my opinion, the romance genre has suffered for a while, but Light Shadows gets me excited about it all over again. The author takes a lot of expertise from the entertainment industry and seamlessly weaves it into her plot and the character’s professional lives. We also get very moral lessons about others who are less fortunate and are going through trying times. Overall I felt Light and Shadows was well-written and balanced literary themes from a host of genres at a remarkable level. Dynamic romance novel, to say the least!