Life is a Blender

For young adults, Life Is a Blender functions like an answer book to all the questions one has about pesky adults. It bring so much sense to how varied people are as adults as a result of how one was raised and what their parents were like.

For parents, I think it will be very helpful in understanding the growth and development processes when it comes to family. It conceptualizes a lot of ideas about parenting and blended families into tangible strategies. I think the book has the power to fully prepare people for family shift/evolution, or help them decide if that’s something they are ready to do.

Life is a Blender is DRIPPING with knowledge and expertise. The author, Yana Berlin, does a great job of showcasing her expertise effectively and communicating well with the audience – whether they have kids of any age, or if they’ve yet to be born. She covers everything and doesn’t miss a beat. Not only is this a great personal read, but I think someone could benefit by receiving this as a gift.