How to Get Out of this World Alive

Any related topic that falls under the umbrella of self-help that includes psychology and spirituality is covered in How to Get Out of this World Alive. It’s really all-encompassing. You can tell that the authors, Alain Forget and others, speak from a place of real expertise and first-hand knowledge. It’s also really impressive how all of their views align very cohesively. At the end you are equipped with the proper background knowledge, an array of choices and views, and the tools to move forward. Each person’s journey is different, and I think that’s an important aspect of How to Get Out of this World Alive. The one thing that is across the board is that you have to be able to overcome those mental and subconscious obstacles that keep your life static.

There is a lot to learn from this book. Before reading, I had a hard time conceptualizing ego, evolution, enlightenment, distancing, and other concepts. How to Get Out of this World Alive made everything so clear to me. Some of it is really sophisticated, and this described things in a way where I could apply it to my own life to identify, target, and act differently than before. Great resource, and extremely well-written piece of non-fiction!