How To Get Out of This World Alive

The empowerment I felt from reading “How to Get Out of This World Alive” is hard to describe. It was like I was seeing my true self for the first time. It was radically different from the image I had been projecting for so much of my adult life. I felt the author, Alain Forget, tap into my subconscious while reading and allow all these new truths to reveal themselves.

I love that it uses techniques and principles from other religions and schools of thought to make this a very trustworthy body of work. This book is definitely going to be shared with every person I know. By just practicing mindfulness and allowing your mind to grow, amazing things can take place, as this book did that for me. Compared to other books in the genre, How to Get Out of This World Alive clearly stands apart as one of the most researched, thoughtful, and user-friendly in the genre.