Help Improve Farm Implements

Awesome Indiegogo Campaign, Help Improve Farm Implements.

Keeping the farm animals healthy and well fed over the time of a drought.

Short Summary

Hello everyone, my name is Gustavo, I’m the GM and owner of a farm in my country, Venezuela, this is a family owned farm that has being in my family for years since my grandparent. Now I come to you to explain what I’m planning on this campaign, as you see this is to secure the future of our farm and the food supply of a nation that has little.

We are coming from a very severe drought year, normally we have 6 months of rain and 6 months of drought but in this particular year due to the weather conditions, we saw almost 10 months of drought that took our farm to a very critical state, we have a small part with an irrigation system where we cut the forage that we feed our animals in this particular times, but this is in danger, as we got hit hard and our machinery is lacking from a proper maintenance due to declining earning and also terrible shortage in the country.

Let me explain what I mean by shortage, we are seeing in a country that had huge surplus of oil earning one of the biggest economic continue reading…